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Welcome to It should be a book!
You can find a lot of amazing art on the internet. Most people enjoy this work digitally. But we believe that there is still a large group of people who wish for a real product that they can hold in their hands. They consider a book publication one of the most important destinations for art. They love to turn pages and own certain images, because they were moved by them on a deeper level. There is a lot of visual content out there, that is still not available in a book. But it should be!
For some books there may not be a massive audience, but sometimes a small print run is possible, under the right circumstances. Our experience enables us to create exclusive artbooks that are appreciated by a relatively small audience. We focus primarily, but not exclusively, on books related to comics and animation.
It should be a book! is the international subsidiary of a small Dutch publishing company that reproduces artwork that was hidden in museum archives and personal collections.
With It should be a book! we want to expand our focus to contemporary artists, who also have beautiful art that needs to be shared in the best way possible: in a book!
We intend to release two or three artbooks each year, starting in 2021.
To see examples from our Ducth catalog, please look here:
Alright, it's not a book. But if you love animation history you should definitely see this documentary! We are very proud to serve as a distributor to European and other non-US customers.
Blu-ray special features include:
Floyd and Leo a documentary short
An Animated Lunch a round table conversation
among notable animators, cartoonists, and writers
Theatrical trailer and more
Main feature: 94 minutes
Region free playback
This Blu-ray is for "home use" only.  For educational Blu-rays and licenses for schools, libraries, museums, and conferences, please contact: Sales@FloydNormanMovie.com
€ 29
+ shipping
Daan Jippes started his comics career in the Netherlands. He rose to national recognition with his comics album Twee Voor Thee (Tea for Two). In the mid-seventies he started working for the Dutch Donald Duck magazine, where his interpretation of the ducks and Mickey Mouse also drew the attention of the Disney Studios. He was subsequently hired and worked initially for Consumer Products, later for Feature Animation as a character designer and story artist, contributing to The Prince and the Pauper, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Apart from his work at Disney's, he also worked as a storyboard supervisor on Amblimation's Balto and at Dreamworks. In 2005 he returned to the Netherlands and created Havank, a colorful inspector in the purest tradition of the Belgian school. He continues working for Egmont/Disney and his covers are seen all over the world.
2017, 160 pages